My name is Scott William Hollingsworth thus explaining my fabled, long running moniker that is: Swholli.

This is my blog.

Since the first time I logged into to AOL back in 1999, to logging into my Twitter just this morning, I’ve had the same handle for almost two decades. The name is now a word in and of itself, pronounced swuh-hall-ee, and has become my go-to when referencing my own “cult of personality.”

I’ve built a small growing audience with my many endeavors over the years, from voice over work I’ve done for independent animations and machinima (films made with video games), to my ill-fated live podcast called The Impromptu Show or also-ill-fated Youtube game review channel The Suave Zouaves. But recently you might recognize me most from my own Youtube channel with a show called Swholli’s Movie Reivews.

The purpose of this blog is two fold. One, I have a lot of thoughts rambling inside my head at all times: current events, personal gripes, recent media I’ve encountered that I don’t have time to make a video about. Two, I’ve probably seen more movies than I’d rather admit. Roger Ebert is a personal hero of mine, so consider this blog my very own At the Movies, as following in his footsteps would be a dream come true. This is where I plan to write it all down.

Basically, keeping up with the blog will motivate me to write frequently, which is useful. Mainly my posts will consist of movie reviews (and the occasional game review if it’s something really worth talking about). I might also move in to a sort of “screenwriting for dummies,” as films are my passion and I’ve picked up a lot of information on how to tell a story over the years.

So sit back and relax, maybe get some popcorn, and let’s talk about movies.