Terminator Genisys – This is Worse Than Fanfic

The Terminator movies, or as I should actually say: the first two Terminator movies, are some of my favorite action movies- if not just my favorite movies of all time. When you think about sequels and how they’re usually never better than the original, you can thank Terminator 2 for blowing that idea out of the water by being the sequel to a move that every other movie should aspire to be.

But like all good things, even the Terminator franchise starts to overstay its welcome.

With the less than stellar Terminator 3, the pretty-good-but-a-little-weird-cause-Christian-Bale Terminator 4, and now we have the abysmal¬†Terminator 5: Genisys. Not Genesis, Genisys. Yeah I don’t get it either.

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