Dancer and the Dame – Another F-ing Dog Movie

Oh Pure Flix, what even are you?

Oh, sorry, a little back-story:

About a year ago I did a video review on a Pure Flix film called God’s Not Dead, a cinematic train-wreck I was unfortunate enough to subjugate myself to.

For those not familiar, God’s Not Dead told the story of a religious zealot college student who, after choosing not to deny his faith in front of his peers, attempts to convert his entire class to Christianity before his mean, atheist professor did the opposite. It also included roughly a dozen other cast of characters besides these two, and it was so wholly (not holy) confusing that it went down as possibly one of the worst film of all time for me- and no, it had nothing to do with the fact that it was a movie about faith, it was just terrible.

So I had always assumed Pure Flix was just some distribution company that made religious “lifetime movies” with a budget larger than even Lifetime Network would ever think of providing. I later learned that Pure Flix is actually just a digital distribution platform, much like Netflix or Hulu, and just like Netflix or Hulu they’re creating in-house entertainment to provide for subscribers.

While God’s Not Dead did see a theatrical release and its upcoming sequel God’s Not Dead 2: He is Surely Alive is also slated as such, there are those films that slip between the cracks and are unceremoniously spat out onto the front page of Pure Flix’s site. Dancer and The Dame is one of those films.

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